BIS Construction and Ship Services


Company Profile

BIS Services LLC was formed as a Louisiana LLC in 1998 and is a licensed Louisiana Contractor.

In its early years, BIS Construction and Ship Services' expertise was working in various labor-intensive construction services markets. These included ship cleaning, shore-side tank cleaning and oil spill response industries. We typically complete 150 to 200 individual ship cleaning jobs a year and frequently have as many as three jobs going simultaneously. All of this work is performed as a prime contractor.

Another major component of our prime contractor work in the waterways of south Louisiana has been providing logistical support for the Marine Spill Response Corporation for their oil spill clean up work. In these efforts, BIS’ environmental expertise is brought to bear, supporting the clean up operations with labor, communications, water, fuel and housing on site. We provide tugs and barges to collect and deliver the contaminated materials for disposal. Another main service that we supply is safety and emergency health care. Over the past five years we have completed seven such projects.

Prime contractors on Corps and other large construction projects often have labor-intensive elements in their construction jobs. But maintaining a labor force for interim use is not cost effective. BIS Construction and Ship Services, on the other hand, had a ready pool of labor, accustomed to working other than a regular schedule. To meet prime contractors’ need for labor (and BIS's desire to provide more stable hours to its personnel), BIS routinely assists various other prime contractors in their heavy construction operations for the Corps and La. DNR. Performing the labor intensive parts of the projects gives BIS's personnel opportunities and experience in the heavy construction field. As a natural progression, we have moved into performing as prime contractor ourselves.

After Katrina, BIS was awarded a first tier subcontract by Phillips and Jordan for work on their debris removal and demolition contract with the Corps of Engineers. We completed the loading, hauling and delivering of over 1,800,000 cy of debris over a two-year period.

In response to growing need of the Corps and key prime contractors for responsible HubZone participation, BIS Construction and Ship Services was HubZone certified in 2002.