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Drainage Blanket South Point to CSX Railroad

Name of Project:   LPV 109.02a Drainage Blanket South Point to CSX Railroad, Lake Pontchartrain & Vicinity Orleans Parish, LA. 2009 – 2010

Location of Project:   Orleans Parish

Name of Customer:   US Army Corps of Engineers – Hurricane Protection Office

General Scope of Project:   We built a silt fence barrier for erosion control extending 109,001 linear feet prior to Clearing and Grubbing over 7 miles of land prior to placement of 1,119,028 Sq yards of geotextile separator. During the placement of the geotextile we began positioning 923,645 cy yards of sand (60,000 truck and trailer loads) to complete construction a drainage blanket base for the placement of a new levee system in New Orleans East.