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BIS has completed numerous heavy construction projects in recent years, some as a subcontractor and some as a prime. An example of our recent prime contractor experience is a USACE contract for levee improvements and shoreline protection in Iberia and St Mary Parishes: W912P8-07-C-0108 Atchafalaya Basin Protection Levee, W-86 Levee Enlargement 2nd Lift. BIS was the successful bidder for this project in a 100% HubZone set aside IFB procurement. The project is complete, and a final evaluation of OUTSTANDING has been issued. This also demonstrates our ability to meet the financing, bonding and other requirements of this solicitation.

Another example is W912P8-08-C-0045 - Grand Isle and Vicinity Hurricane Protection Project - Rehabilitation of Hurricane Katrina Damage - 2005. BIS was the successful bidder in a 100% HubZone set aside. Awarded by the Corps in April 2008, the project was completed and then extended under the extraordinary duress caused by Hurricanes Gustav and Ike. After 12 change orders, the total contract value increased from $12.5 million to $20.6 million. Despite the greatly increased scope of work, the project was completed in the original contract days and an evaluation of OUTSTANDING has been issued.